Purpose is the driver of success

Implement a purpose strategy to stay relevant, make more impact and grow faster

Before a Purpose Programme

You are doing many good things, but a clear vision is lacking
Employees would like to see more impact from their work
Recruitment can be challenging
Founders are involved in every decision made to keep the culture alive

After a Purpose Programme

Purpose is visible on a strategic, tactical and operational level
Your employee loyalty is increased
It is easier to hire talent
Strong culture, higher sense of ownership and decisions that support the common direction are easily made by everyone


Purpose is not something you do ‘on the side’. It’s part of your strategy and your day-to-day business.

We provide you with vision, creativity and action, to co-create a purpose-driven brand. 



Purpose Assessment

Duration: 1 hour

Purpose Intervention

Duration: 4 – 6 months

Purpose Transformation

Duration: 4 – 6 weeks

How Can Purpose

Benefit Your Business?


of consumers prefers a brand with purpose – over one without


growth in brand evaluation – when you have a brand with a purpose


of people believe that companies should commit to social and environmental responsibility, especially Millennials

Some of our clients

I have gotten to know Lieke as someone who lives and leads through her values. She is someone that will not only let you understand what it means to become more purpose driven, but will make sure that you actually put it into action. She is courageous and engaging in her interactions. We piloted a reverse mentoring program with focus on wellbeing that was very impactful.

José-Luiz Moura | COO UK & Ireland


The purpose workshop allowed us to see things from a different perspective. We now clearly know what we want to achieve with our business – despite earning money. I would describe the workshop as clarifying, inspiring and concrete. Having a clear purpose, brand identity and promise, gives us a strong strategic direction.

Katelijne van Tienhoven | Co-Founder

The Cocktail Chiefs

With the help of Purpose Club we developed our Mission, Vision and Values. We now have clear what the WHY is of the Guardianship, which makes the team even more motivated to actually deliver on the impact that we strive for. Moreover, with the help of Purpose Club, we implemented value-driven working, which supports us massively in building a community.

Dereck Haye | Co-Founder


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