The transformational service that turns your company into a purpose-driven organization 

Purpose Assessment

Helping to take that first step. Knowing where you stand and where you want to go.

Changing into a purpose-driven brand sounds like a big project. Something you would like to do someday, but currently you don’t have the time or resources for a months-long consulting project. Therefore you don’t do anything, instead of taking a small first step.  

This is where we come in. 

The purpose assessment is a very accessible, easy way to get started. It exists out of a 1 hour call, and a short brand research from our side. As a result you will receive a document with brand insights, identified purpose opportunities and short-term next steps. 

Purpose Intervention

No one will ever question again, what your brand stands for.

Making your company stand for something. A 3 – 6 weeks program, to get the basics right. Back to the core: what is your place in the world? What difference are you making and what is your brand about? 

As a result you will have your brand positioning, strategy, and promise clear.

Purpose Transformation

Embedding purpose into everything you do. Making impact more than a ‘side initiative’. 

A service from idea to implementation, tailor made to your business, taking between 3 to 6 months. 

This will start with an intensive internal as well as external research, followed by monthly deep-dive workshops, and continuous advice and sparring involvement. By the end of the trajectory the company will breathe purpose. 

From the start we had a very clear idea of what our natural wine brand stands for, and we thought our (potential) clients knew this too. However, we realised that what we wanted to transmit was not always perceived in the same way.

The Purpose Club helped us to create a clear mission, vision and strategy, which serves as a strong base. As a result, we attract more and higher quality customers. With the input of the sessions, we have managed to get Vin Natoer’s wine on the shelves of a high-end boutique supermarket. A fantastic milestone!

Sanne Talmon | Co-Founder

Vin Natoer

The team wanted to better understand the impact our product had on our customers’ ability to achieve their mission (designed for non-profits). With the help of Purpose Club, we conducted research to quantify that impact. The outcome included impact statistics, impact slides, an impact calculator, a report, an article, and a number of customer references. These assets will help us communicate the value of our product, and payments in Salesforce. I would highly recommend Lieke, it has been a pleasure working together on this project.

Niamh Lacy | Head of Marketing


Purpose Club has helped me to better determine who my client is and what I stand for. The sessions forced me to think and reflect on what it is that I want to achieve with my coaching business. I feel more at peace with the direction and goals I have for the future.

Marielle Visser | Founder

Eigenwijze Coach

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