We believe that for a future worth living, we must radically change the way we do business.

We are an independent purpose agency driven by the desire to make an impact in the business world. We work with brave start-ups and scale-ups who want to bring more purpose into their lives, work and team, and in this way, make a difference and create value beyond growth. 

We provide you with vision, creativity and action, to co-create a purpose-driven brand.


To show that commercial goals and impact goals go hand in hand. In fact, they reinforce each other. Purpose is not something you do ‘on the side’, but part of your strategy and your day-to-day business. A way to grow faster, and to make a difference at the same time.

Values we live by

Inspiring Leadership

Change starts with someone who is bold enough to take the first step. Being brave to stand out and to stand for something. To start instead of following. Inspiring others to be the change you wish to see in this world.


Everyone is unique and every organization is unique. It is very important for us to make authentic choices, and have a personal approach. We will be ourselves, so you can be yourself. What you see is what you get: values, ideals and actions align.

Thinking big and bold

We like to dream big. And we will encourage your organization to think big as well. Further than the comfortzone of your own company; making an impact beyond those borders. Having the courage to shape a better future.

The Woman Behind Purpose Club

Hi, I am Lieke

Founder of Purpose Club. With my background in both the corporate (tech-) world and impact start-ups, I have experienced that a powerful purpose makes the difference. 

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to make a difference in the world. Until a few years ago, this ‘doing good’ was something I always did next to my job: setting up a project in Mozambique, volunteering at the Red Cross, leading a sustainability working group at Salesforce, joining an NGO board etc. But then something didn’t match for me anymore: why should we do those things next to our job? I believe businesses have the power to really make a difference, when a purpose is integrated into the work you do. And so, Purpose Club was born. 

I think I am hard to put inside a ‘box’, as I would describe myself as somewhat of a hippie and a business woman at the same time. I value freedom, you can call me a bit of an idealist, I am curious, enthusiastic, and adventurous, but above all very committed and ambitious to make your business successful, while making a difference in the world.


Recent work experience

2022 Academic teacher Erasmus University (Responsible Business Leadership) 

2021 – 2022 Global Impact Lead FinDock

2020 – 2021 B2B Venture Lead Wakuli 

2017 – 2021 Consultant & Success Manager Salesforce

  • Business Sustainability Management – University of Cambridge 
  • Double-degree Master in CEMS International Management (University of Sydney and University College Dublin)
  • Systemic Coaching – UNLP 
  • Bachelor in International Business and Management (Hanze University Groningen)

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